My sister reminded me of a poem the other day that I hadn’t read in a while. I was glad she did… I have been struggling lately with something. It feels ofttimes like I have been frustrated with people who have no concept of what I myself or others have been through, and yet press themselves on me and feel that they have such advice to give. There are many people that I have known for some time, people who anger me with their pettiness and with their flippant decisions that hurt other people. I have found myself for the past little while becoming angry inside with ignorant people who have not realized the tremendous gifts that they have been given and waste them.

Without going into more personal and detailed explanation, in short, I have been having a hard time with many different types of people. I feel like mentally and emotionally I have had to sort through a lot of things lately, and people who have no idea of what has happened or how it has felt have bugged me. I am really embarrassed to admit it, but they have. I have tried not to let things get to me, but they have for some reason.

Anyway, I have been praying for help. I don’t like to feel irritation or anger. I don’t like to look at people with frustration in my heart. So I guess I am writing this post more for myself than anything…maybe it will help me remember some things in future days. :) I want to write a few of the thoughts that have come to me, and have helped me.

1) Try to look at people and see them as Christ sees them. The difference in my heart is amazing in an instant. He is patient with my faults and shortcomings…why shouldn’t I be with others? After all, I am so far from being perfect myself.
2) In the Book of Mormon, Alma, after seeing such horrible wickedness and feeling almost overwhelmed by it, prays. Now if it were me, I probably would have just written these people off and said, “Oh well! We all know where they’re going!” But he didn’t…he prayed, expressed his pain and sorrow, and then prayed for success in bringing them again to Christ, because they were his “brethren.” That hit me pretty hard…what a totally different and Christ-like perspective.
3) Desiderata. It means “desired things,” and in it, the author talks about his own pursuit of happiness, and ours. It’s long, but in part of the poem, Ehrmann states: “Go placidly amid the noise and haste,/ and remember what peace there may be in silence. . . .and listen to others, /even the dull and the ignorant;/ they too have their story. “

Each person has their own story. Don’t let the “noise and haste” wear you down. Be patient with others, for we are all trying to do our best. Some people are going to interact with us or with others in a way that we sincerely wish they wouldn’t. But I think we are all trying in our own spheres and in our own ways. Maybe not many will understand you, but try to understand them…everyone has their story and everyone is trying. We cannot be in control of all things, and can’t always stop others from doing things that we know they shouldn’t do, but we can live peaceably and do the best we can for others, without worrying so much about what they do or say to us. That’s the Lord’s job. :)

I think that’s the end of my rant for tonight. :)

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