Dear dear friends

This week, especially today, I have found myself feeling so grateful for Heavenly Father’s blessings…one of the greatest that I feel that I have been given lately has been that I have been blessed with just the person I need, right when I need them.

Matt has been there for me constantly, and I am incredibly and inexpressibly grateful for him.

This week, I have come into contact with a dear, sweet friend who I had lost touch with for years. Today we talked for a long time and I found myself uplifted by her and so spiritually fed by her goodness and after the conversation ended by my phone battery dying, I found myself thanking Heavenly Father once again for sending just the person I needed at just the time I needed her.

I found a few old pictures of us from college, and I’m sorry Nicole, I just had to put them up here, lol! :)

But talking with this dear, sweet friend today helped me to truly remember “how merciful the Lord hath been.” I have had hard moments this week, but talking with Nicole today was such an incredible blessing. She listened with kindness and wisdom and love, and I needed someone to listen to me. After I was done talking her ear off, :) it really hit me once again just how much I have been given and how very blessed I am!! I am so grateful for the people that Heavenly Father places in our lives to bless us and to help us as we all try to draw closer to Him.

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