Momma in training

This was just too funny. :)

We had our third daughter’s 2nd birthday this weekend. She just LOVES puppies. She crawls around yipping half the time, pretending to be a puppy. So we had a puppy birthday party.

We had lots of fun, but the culminating present was one of those “fur real” puppies. It is so cute, and moves its’ head and blinks its’ eyes and whines just like a little puppy. She loved it! She gave him his little bottle every time he whined. She rocked him and said, “Oh, poor puppy,” every time he made a little noise. But then she would get a little tired and put him down. Of course, the puppy would whine. So she’d say, “Oh no puppy!” and pick him back up for some more cuddling.

This cycle went on a few times. After about the fifth time, she put him down and she walked away. He whined and moved his head and so forth. She looked back at him for a second, but then kept walking. Our oldest daughter, ever vigilant, picked him up and ran after her, saying, “You forgot your puppy!”

She looked at her with a look that only a 2-going-on-16 girl can give, and said, “No, he just cries too much.”

I laughed out loud! Good thing we have a few more years to practice that patience thing before becoming a mom of something that “cries too much.” LOL! :)

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