Nature walk

On Saturday we had a great day as a family. Things have been so busy and so hectic that we decided to just go out and do something relaxing together. We ended up going to a metropark and doing a nature walk. It was so enjoyable! We loved getting some fresh, unstressed air together. :)

We even found a caterpillar! The girls were so excited about that. We’ve been looking for “hungry ungapillars” for a long time!

But I think that one of the best parts of being out there was seeing the other families that were enjoying each other, as well. Sometimes I look around and nearly feel despair in the world as I see people hurting each other, and families not loving each other. But it is wonderful to actually step out into the world and do good things, and see all of the other people who are trying to do the same. It gives me hope for the world.

Sisters loving being together, both waking and sleeping. :)

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