The bad luck panties…part II

Okay. So after my post a little while ago, several people have asked me if I ever did throw out those bad luck panties.

The answer is no…I stuck them on the bottom of the pile again. :)

Tonight, we were getting down to the bottom of the pile, and though there were a few pairs of underwear on top of them, those bad luck panties were peeking through. At first I grimaced. But then I paused…

We’ve been having a little difficulty with one girl off and on for quite a while, and these past few days she’s really struggling again. Right before I went to the undies pile tonight, I had just thought to myself, “At this point, I don’t even care if she just has an accident. I just wish that we could get past this!”

And there they were, peeking at me from the bottom of the pile. Could it be that this bad karma could be used to an advantage? I couldn’t resist. I put the bad luck panties on her.

Please, oh please, let those bad luck panties work!! :)

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