Too much salt

I am a sucker for salty crunchy snacks. :) I like them far too much. :) Doritos are my ultimate downfall.

So the other day, trying to satisfy my desire for salty crunch, but trying to be a little better, I bought a bag of Chex Mix for the drive home from Utah. As soon as I opened it and started to munch, much to my dismay, the chex mix was much saltier than any I had ever tasted! I let Matt try it and he instantly decided it was horrible. Somehow, the mixture was very wrong, and much too salty. You could hardly taste anything, it was so salty. It burned my tongue and my throat to eat it.

I was disappointed, because I had been excited for my crunchy snack. I closed the bag and put it back down by my feet. As the drive went on, I kept wanting a salty crunch, so I’d open the bag and try it again. After I did this several times, I noticed that my taste buds would get more and more numb, and that the salt was more bearable.

Matt, who was watching me, laughed and asked why I continued to eat it if it was so gross! I said, “I just keep hoping that it won’t bother me so much the next time.”

It really made me think. :) How often do I partake of something that isn’t good for me, not only physically, but spiritually as well, hoping that eventually I will be numbed to it and it won’t affect me as much? At times I think I get excited to watch a movie or read a book that won’t be good for my spirits, but think that if I just keep nibbling at it, eventually it won’t offend my spirit so much, just like I hoped the chex wouldn’t offend my mouth as much! I need to be more careful. :)

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