She’s cheating on me!

Ha ha! I am still laughing out loud about this one… :)

Tonight at dinner, I had our baby in her car seat, and the other three girls were sitting down eating pancakes (they wanted Nate the Great’s favorite thing for dinner). :) I noticed our three-year-old laughing and looking at the baby.

She kept saying, “She’s cheating on me! She’s cheating on me!” and laughing hysterically.

I was a bit perplexed by the statement! I couldn’t figure out what she meant until I actually looked over at the baby, who was turned at such an angle from the 3-year-old that just her little eyes were peeking up over the car seat to look at her sister.

I remembered that a couple days ago, my 3-year-old was trying to peek at something that was supposed to be a surprise, and I had told her that peeking at the surprise was cheating! Since her little sister was peeking at her, she was calling it “cheating!”

I just think that the phraseology made it so darn funny. :)

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