Well, today was the much-dreaded day for mom and baby alike. :) Today our little one got her six-month shots. That is never very fun for either of us. In fact, it’s pretty awful. It’s very hard to hold her down and see her eyes as she looks at me, trying to understand why in the world I would do this to her! It’s been hard with every single one, as any mother knows. :) But what gets us through it is the knowledge that this terrible pain is actually very good for them…that it will help and protect them all their lives.

As I held my daughter today while she got her shots, my heart was filled with compassion and love for her, and I thought of my own Parent, my Father in Heaven. As I held my crying child, I thought of myself. Often, in this life, we feel as though we are being “held down,” stuck in an incredibly painful course of events, and we feel scared and confused. We may wonder why we are being put through such a painful experience, and why our loving Parent would hold us there. But He knows that whatever He is asking us to go through is actually for our benefit, even though we, like our infants, may not be able to comprehend why.

Today, as my sweet little girl went through the pain and fear of her shots, I held her close and whispered, “Just trust me. It’s because I love you.” I could not help but think of my Father, holding me through my personal pain and fear and whispering, “Just trust me. It’s because I love you.”

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