One last time

Well, as you all know, we’ve been trying to get ready to move! It has been an exciting time as we look forward to our new life and everything that awaits us. :) It has been hard to say good-bye to all of the sweet, wonderful women that Matt has worked with at Hospice. We are truly grateful for their love, kindness, and friendship, and will never forget them.

Tonight is the last night in our house. Matt will be leaving in a few days, and the girls and I will be staying for just a little while with Matt’s mom and dad, so that the house can stay clean to sell and the girls and I can focus on school and being happy. :) Today, dad, mom, and Mark came to help us move boxes and paint, and we have been inexpressibly grateful for their help. They really helped us make some headway. :) We are excited for moving on!

The girls have a fun tradition with their daddy. On the nights when he has been home, he loves to carry all three of them up the stairs to bed at once. They love it so much and it turns into quite the giggle fest. :) Tonight I had to take a picture as they headed up those stairs one last time…

Things like this always tug at my heartstrings. It is hard to leave those special moments and places behind. But I feel joy at this transition. I feel peace in my heart about our life. I have had the opportunity to be up late in the quiet tonight. It has given me a chance to reflect on the loving kindess and guidance of my Father in Heaven. Though there are always challenges, like a 2-year-old who has colored on the same wall three times this week, a wall that I have painted three times this week (you see why we must move in with mom and dad for a while to have a chance at selling???), broken stoves, insurance tangles, replacing the tires on two cars in one week, and you know, life, I just feel peace tonight. I have seen first-hand time and time again the loving guidance of my Father. I know He has led us here, and I know He’ll help us get there.

So, with that, I’m going to bed. After all, tomorrow’s a big day. I have to take the 2-year-old and her sisters out to mom and dad’s so that she can color on their walls instead.

(just kidding, mom and dad) :)

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