Football funnies

The other day, Grandpa, the girls, and I went to Mark’s football game. It was lots of fun to see Mark tackling and running around, but while we adults cheered, the comments from the girls were like these:

Ahh! Mark got squashed!

Why are they squishing him?

Why won’t that boy share the ball?

Why do they knock each other over?

I’m tired of football.

Our 5-year-old was especially fascinated by the pom-poms the cheerleaders had. She thought those were pretty neat. So the next day in Rite Aid, when she saw some toy pom-poms, she of course asked if they could have some. Since they were being so good, I said they could each get one. [The ride home consisted of discussing what was appropriate and what was not appropriate that they had seen the cheerleaders do the night before. (i.e., “bum-shaking” is not okay, cheering and waving your pom-poms and saying “yay!!” is okay.)]

My daughter of course wanted two pom-poms, because that’s what she had seen the night before. But I told her it was too expensive. It was then that I could see the wheels beginning to turn. She was accepting of my answer, but I could tell she was still trying to figure out how to get two pom-poms in hand. :) I told her that she could not try to trick her younger sister into giving her one, but that if she waited until one of her sisters got tired of playing with theirs, then she’d be able to have two pom-poms to play with.

Well, inevitably, the temptation was great and she succumbed… I overheard her trying to convince her little sister that she really was tired of her brand new pom-pom already. Since she had disobeyed me, I sent her to time-out. I didn’t think to take the pom-pom away, though…

After a few minutes, I could hear her talking to herself. I paused to listen, and I could tell that she was sounding out a word slowly: “Sssssss….oooooo….rrrrrr…..” A minute later, she began to wave her pom-pom and cheer from her time-out, “Mommy, I’m sorry!!! S! O! R! Y! Sorry!!! Woooooo!!!”

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