There is hope smiling brightly before us

Today’s sessions of Conference have been incredible. So uplifting and so very much what I have needed. I can’t begin to write even a portion of what I have felt, but one thought among hundreds that stuck out to me today was Elder Anderson’s remark:

Faith is not only a feeling. It’s a decision.

I felt it embodied everything that I’ve been trying to drive in my soul right now. These past months have taught me a lifetime about faith. As I step back, I am in awe of the answered prayers. For years, I have prayed to more deeply understand and obtain a true faith. I feel like these experiences that have been so painful and so uncertain have been some of my greatest blessings. Faith is so much clearer now…it truly is a decision. That, combined with the marvelous talk on hope, have just reaffirmed to my heart and soul the kindness, the love, the depth of mercy and kindness of our Savior, and my ardent desire to follow Him.

I know everything will be fine. I know that all of the worries and all of the future that, in man’s view, has no way of working out for us, will indeed be alright.

My blessings have been so tremendous. I feel encircled in Love, and I am so grateful for the joys we are given as we strive to become like our Savior.

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