I’m trying to grow out my hair.


It’s at a very awkward, and dare we say…extremely unattractive?? phase. Not much seems to be helping, in spite of the cute barrettes my sweetie bought me.


I gave a talk in church yesterday, and so of course the hair was sadder than usual because I tried harder than usual with it. And of course, as I looked out over the congregation, I saw so many cute ladies with very very cute short hair.

It’s so tempting to stop growing it and just go back to short hair.

The short look was easy, and it was comfortable, and I know I could have easily kept cutting it. But I grew tired of the stage it was at and wanted it to grow. I have a goal in mind of the look I want…

It’s just going to take some time and lots of awkward and unpleasant hair days. I’m hopeful the end result will be worth it, though.

I find that I am going through much the same in my life right now…choosing to grow. I could easily have stayed where I was at and lived a pretty happy life, but wanted to grow. Now I find myself in that awkward, painful stage, where all I want to do is turn back. It would be so easy to do so and to forget this painful growth stage. But would I truly have the result I want in the end?

No. I have a goal in mind…

It’s just going to take a lifetime of growth and probably lots of painful growing moments. But I know the end result will be worth it.

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