A continuation of my weekend :)

This weekend has been perfect. :) I just had to sit in the moment and write about it for a minute.

I love my life. Have I said that lately? Even though there are lots of things I wish I could change right now…I love it. :)

Yesterday my baby turned 1. I can’t believe it. It was wonderful…what a day to recall this past year, and to truly “remember how merciful the Lord hath been.” More about the birthday tomorrow. :)

Today has been so pleasant. We went to church and I watched my little girl be so incredibly kind and loving to a new girl that it brought tears to my eyes. I also saw my new neighbor (you know, the one who visited me on Friday?). I smiled at her and waved a little wave, and though she was nice and smiled back, it was with the look of zero recognition. She had no idea who I was with normal face and hair! :) That’s really funny. :) She looked perfect and lovely and looks like a really nice girl. I will try to invite her over on a cleaner day soon…speaking of which…I promise I really do try to keep the house clean, but with 4 kids 5 and under, that is just a laughable attempt most days. And though there is at least a 5 minute period each day that it might be clean enough for someone to just “pop by,” they never do just “pop by” during that 5 minutes. (Probably because that 5 minutes happens in the middle of the night after the kids are in bed. But hey.)

So speaking of “popping by.” Yesterday, we had a birthday party for my baby complete with cake everywhere and wrapping paper all over the place. Then it was time for bed, and so there are clothes from yesterday in the middle of the floor. I was going to clean up the cake and plates and clothes and paper and toys after the girls went to bed, but I fell asleep (FAST asleep) while nursing the baby last night, and Matt fell asleep, too, so it never happened. Then we got up this morning to hurry to get ready for church, so in addition to cake and clothes, there were now pjs all over the floor and breakfast things out. Yes, the house was trashed again, but we were off to church. When we got home, I was just beginning to clean up with a trash bag in hand, laughing and talking to Matt about something (probably the neighbor not recognizing me), when all of a sudden, our door opened, and a man walked in to our apartment. A man we do not know. I don’t know if he was more stunned by the fact that he had accidentally walked into the wrong apartment, or by the stunning mess that we seemed to be wallowing in. Either way, the poor guy was stunned. I didn’t know who I felt sorrier for…him or me. :) I don’t think Matt and I stopped laughing for 20 minutes at least. :)

The kids went to sleep after their lunch, and Matt and I talked until he fell asleep, too. I curled up next to him and listened to him breathe. How I Love him.

We had chocolate chip cookies and Sunday night waffles for dinner. The baby keeps doing the elephant walk all over the place and talking to everything and everyone. Matt and I laid down next to each other to talk for a minute and I just reveled in his warm arms and breathed him in.

Some of my girls came in and crawled up on the bed and we tickled each other until my 4-year-old stopped me to tell me something important.

“Mommy, I want some of those shiny things on my teeth.”

“What do you mean? Braces?”

“Yeah. Can I have some?”

It’s time for bed. :) Life is lovely. Blessed am I.

PS – The house is clean right now…anyone feel like popping over?

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