I’ve thought a lot about things I would love to express to my girls lately.

Thoughts about dreams and desires, reaching and stretching and growing.

I find myself once again reaching for things and working for dreams that I never would have imagined possible before.

It is never easy.

But I want my girls to understand that dreams are worth having. They’re possible. And they’re worth the tremendous effort they take to achieve.

And then I realize that I really don’t have to say much at all. I try to include them in my own dreams, and let them see their mother struggling through the pain and joy of achieving dreams. I let them dream, and I let them see it can be a reality.

I love you, girls. Dream and work and pray. :)

(These pictures taken on location at the filming of my new yoga video, soon to be released: “Yoga for Runners.” Stay tuned. :) Thank you to my Loving Matt and girls for their support and patience with my dreams.)

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