A day at Estes

We spent the day at Estes Park.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite places.  
Can you hear the sweet sigh of relief?  It was so nice to get away from the daily pressures for a little while. 
Riding the tram up the mountain:
We love it here!
Feeding the chipmunks was the highlight of the day.  :)
What a trooper!
Our two-year old calls them “chickamunks.”  :)
Nothing like clambering over rocks!
Is this child growing before my very eyes?  I think she is.  Shame on her. :)
With my five favorite women on earth. :)
There should always be a little time for drawing in the dirt.  (Here she is drawing arrows for the chipmunks to follow, so they don’t lose us.)  :)
Trooper, trooper, trooper.
All mine. :)
Making you want to pull your hair out one moment…
…melting your heart the next.
(Isn’t that the definition of “two?”)
Back down the mountain.
And the trip just would not have been complete without a little trip to the Estes Ark.  :)  
(PS – Thanks, Dad, for helping us find it.  It hasn’t changed much.) :)
Leaving just before the afternoon storms roll in…these late summer afternoon storms have got to be one of my favorite things about living in Colorado. 

I LOVE my family!  Thank you, Loves, for the blissful day.

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