She gets it from her mother.


Or the lack thereof. :)

This little one cracks me up all of the time. Once she could scoot around, she decided she was done with that and that walking was surely next.

“Next,” meaning “right now,” naturally.

Don’t be fooled by these pictures…this isn’t a cute attempt at crawling.  She is studying, working, truly trying to stand up.  And all with a smile on her face, the little sweetie.

It seems I am constantly running from one learning experience to the next, never stopping.  I get so dissatisfied with myself and get so eager to move on.  Today, after a moment of frustration, I realized that the pauses may be just as important, too.

At the very least, I can keep smiling, like she does, while desperately trying to move on to the next step, even when it’s a long time in coming.  :)

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