Eight Months

The past eight months have been so full.  So much has been going on, not only in my life, but in my heart and mind.

It is so incredible to think that I have had this wee one all that time.  On the other hand, I don’t know how we ever lived without her.

She is far too much on the move these days to sit still to get her picture taken.  She is constantly moving and exploring.

The past eight months have been incredible.  At the same time, they have been very difficult, as I have literally at times felt as though the actual weight of the world has been on my shoulders.

I truly feel as though she was sent to be with me at this specific point and time in my life.

I look into those eyes and see a soul that is so much deeper than one that has only be around for eight months.  There is something so obvious about her eternal nature.

There have been times when I have struggled with the weight of deep sadness over things I ache to change, when I look into her little eyes and see that somehow, she understands.  She has been a comfort to me.  I feel as though we have held each other.  Somehow that notion of the “red thread” seems all too real when I hold her.

I never should have been able to have her.  But like a miracle, like an angel, I mercifully have her anyway.

Blessed, blessed am I.

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