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Saturday night found our little family sprawled comfortably all over the floor, snuggling, laughing, and giggling as I read.

What I read made me giggle and blush, made Matt wink at me on occasion, and made the girls alternately roar with laughter and sigh with dreamy looks on their faces.

The racy material (or “smutty book,” as Mrs. Shinn would have no doubt called it): my personal journal, penned in my once-neat handwriting, circa 1999.

You see, it was this past weekend, 11 years ago, that Matt and I fell in love for the first (and only) time in our lives, and the first time (but certainly not the only) time we ever kissed.  :)

So between misty eyes at the tender words and peals of laughter at my once Anne Shirley-esque writing style, we read with delight from my girlish journal, and re-lived that sweet weekend with our children.

I think it’s tremendously important to be in love in front of your children.  Not fake love.  Real, honest kisses.  Real Love.  Let them see you, let them feel your love for each other.

They will learn true love from watching you.

Sigh.  Just look at those baby faces.

Seriously.  So in Love.  :)

Oh my.  :)  All mine.

And the best part of re-living this little Love story all weekend?

Not once did we ever say, “Do you remember what it was like to be in love like that?”

Because we still are.

No wishing we still felt that way.  Because we do.

If ever I find myself doubting that God loves me, all I have to do is look into the eyes of my Love.  And I know.  He is the great miracle and blessing of my life.

Go find your Love, look him in the eyes, and see his soul.  Remember what a gift he is today.  :)

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