Kids for Congo

Today was cold, and I think it’s starting to snow out there, but it was such a great morning.

I have an amazing friend, Lacey, who is such an example to me of passion and commitment and compassion.  She is one of the most selfless people I know.

Mostly, she is an example to me of the difference one person can make.

She is running a marathon soon, and has already raised more than enough to sponsor two Congolese women through Women for Women International.  (Amazing!)

Today she held a fun run for kids, to help them have a chance to raise money and do something for the women in the Congo.  It was wonderful!

While I was running with one of my daughters, my four-year-old talked constantly about the people in the Congo, and that she was going to keep running even though she was cold, because she wanted to help them.  It was so moving.

Even my little three year old, plodding along, just kept saying, “Congo women!  Congo women!” over and over.

As I ran, gigantic baby in arms, I couldn’t help but think of those mothers, so far away, who I love so much.

Lacey made each child a medal, with fabric dyed by women in Congo.   My children have been so thrilled to have it!

I am so grateful my children had this opportunity.

One woman can change anything!

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