Lately I find myself yearning for fall.  Fall is my favorite season.

Usually we use up the summer and wear it out and I’m ready to be indoors and cooling down again.

Not this year.  But nonetheless, I still find myself yearning for sweaters and blustery days.

Fall means hope.  Fall means a new year for Yoga for Congo.  Fall always means change.

Tonight Matt and I were looking through old pictures, just remembering. :)

(Fall in Ohio, when our family was much smaller.)

(First time Matt ever walked into the Denver web development firm where he now works…a moment that began a whirlwind of change in our lives just a few autumns ago that has not slowed down since.)

(Fall at mom and dad’s in beautiful Ohio, back when my three year old was just a baby.)

(Fall when I was expecting my fifth.)

(Last fall…such a turning point in our lives, our faith, and in everything we are.)

I am grateful for fall.  I am grateful for change.  I am so, so grateful for each blessed year, when I am given a time when life always sharpens with the cool air.

Tonight, as I spent a moment looking out the window at the trees in the backyard of the home we are moving into, I envisioned them turning in fall and smiled.  I could once again see my family changing and moving forward, snuggled close together this upcoming fall.

I can’t wait.

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