No rush

Every time I’ve had a baby, I’ve felt like we were so busy and so full of things going on that I swooped this wee one up in my arms and took her along for the ride on the Richmond Roller Coaster.

I think it took me six tries to finally understand, truly, that this time only comes once.

This time, for the first time, I spend much of my day lying on the couch, wrapped up in sweet baby.  My girls play around us and take turns holding her.

Just for right now, just for a moment, my days are quiet and simple.

Every moment is soaked up.  Every little sigh is delicious.

And I am happy.

I am so, so happy.

Soon life will pick up again.  There will be places to go and things to do and a world to change.

But for right now, and forever more, my whole world is these six beautiful, lovely, precious girls.

Right now, as I type, my baby is squeaking in her sleep on my chest.  Three girls are on one side of me, reading to each other.  Two more are on my other side, sharing licks of their suckers and asking me if I’d like to try being a puppy dog.  It’s a crowded couch.  Just the way I like it.


My New Year’s goal?  It’s the same as my new “life” goal: kick the rush out the door for good.  No matter how involved I get or what is going on, remembering that this moment will never come again.  I feel like I have new eyes.

Amazing how one little person can change your view of the world forever.  One person can heal your heart and help you to understand just how blessed you are.

Blessed am I among women, and I know it.

Oh, how I know it.

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