It’s amazing how “what matters” changes in a moment.

I’m grateful for miracles tonight.  For prayers spoken and answered.

I’m grateful my little Loves are all home with me tonight.  All of them will be tucked into their own beds and I will kiss all six heads before they drift off to sleep.  I will curl up in Matt’s delicious arms again.

Two nights ago, she was this close to getting intubated or even having a tracheotomy.  That’s how bad it was.  Thinking about it is like remembering a nightmare.

Tonight, she’s here with us all again and we can help her in the comfort and safety of home.

Blessed am I.

There’s still plenty to worry about and bills to pay and six children to make well again.  But I’ve learned that the secret to a happy life is not a lack of troubles or worries.

It’s being awake to the miracles and the mercies all around us, every moment.

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