Ghillie girls

The girls have been doing Irish dance for a little while now.  Many kids start out with shoes, but in their school, they “earn” them.

Their first recital, just a few weeks ago, was done in bare feet.  :)

I may be a little biased, but they just stole the show.  Or maybe it was my heart.  Hard to say which it was. :)

The girls have been working their little toes off…dying to get ghillies.

It’s been incredible to watch them work so hard together.

They are loving dancing together so much that I am sure one day I will be really glad I documented them being fitted for their first pair of ghillies. :)

Words can’t describe the experience for them…it was just so amazing to see them achieve something they’ve been working toward, and to see how much more it is prized when earned rather than simply given.

It’s hard to do it justice, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. :)

Tonight, after practicing harder than ever (we’re working toward hard shoes, now, you know), the third one said, “I danced so hard I think my toes might catch on fire.  Then I’d have feet of flames.”

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