Love is in the Details

I mentioned in my last post my yearning to find peace.  I have sought it in staying up late and pouring my heart into Christmas.

Even though I’ve stayed up late almost every night for six weeks, there was still so much to do to arrange it all on Christmas Eve.

White Christmas!

Matt and I were up most of the night working busily, transforming one familiar room into a haven.

I kept praying while we worked.  We all have our private struggles.

For some reason, I’ve just had a hard time letting a certain one go.

But as I laid out each little fairy house for my girls,

and each little fairy made entirely from the wool of different kinds of sheep,

and Matt set up each toadstool,

and magical, glowing clouds were hung,

and trees hung down their protective vines,

and each loving, tiny little detail that has taken me so long and robbed me of all sleep for weeks,

I realized,

Love is in the details.

And so is God.

I could see Him.  Him, and the Savior, whose birth I celebrated with all of my heart this Christmas,

in every detail of my life.

All of a sudden, it was so, so clear:

Every detail of my life…He is there, making it all right.

He has been there, regardless of what was going on,

caring for me, guiding me, and most of all,

loving me.

I had poured my love into the details of my girls’ Christmas this year.

And I could feel the love that has been poured into the details of my life.

It’s very hard to feel hurt and bitterness in the face of so much love and mercy.

Our day was merry and bright.

Blessed am I.

Merry Christmas.

First Christmas for this little lovely.

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