A few weeks ago, my second daughter turned eight.

For us, that’s an enormous milestone.

It means accountability and a new level of responsibility.

I can’t describe how it feels to do this all over again.

We wanted to make her birthday extra-special, so we gave her something she dreams of, day and night.

Someday, she’ll hit the waves.  But for now, she’s content to dream.

This past weekend, she was baptized.

It was the most amazing afternoon.  It was simple and pure, like she is.  Nothing extra had to frill up the event.  It was perfect, standing all on its own.

The love I felt pouring down from Heaven for her was something that I wish I could bottle up and keep to show her forever.  It’s my job to remember it, hold on to it, and show it daily.

She is so, so special.

This world is so bitter, so cynical.  We assign dark motives and outcomes to children when they’re just small, before they ever have a chance to prove themselves.  I am so grateful that Matt and I have fought not to do that.

On Saturday, I was reminded of just how special she is.  More than I even knew.

She is here for many special reasons, and she changes us all every day.

Blessed am I to have her!

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