Yesterday, I was having such a hard day.  The winter gloom that seems to settle in after Christmas is always so hard for me to deal with.  I felt like such a lousy mom, on top of it.

I finally hit a point low enough that I had to walk in another room.  I prayed for a moment, just begging for help.  It’s funny, in the moment, I prayed that He would help me, and in my mind I heard the reminder that our prayers are often answered by other people.

The thought made me just shake my head and cry, honestly.  I told Heavenly Father maybe I wasn’t ready for help.  I could just see someone showing up at the door with a mop.  That would have been the worst possible thing at that moment.  But in whatever form, I needed help, badly.  So I prayed for it anyway.

As soon as I left the room, I had an email from my mom.  She said she had felt like there was something I needed to hear.  My sister emailed me a song she thought I’d like.  After that, I happened to check facebook, and someone’s kid had drawn me a picture and she posted it right then.

Seriously.  I just needed to know that I wasn’t alone.  That my prayer was heard and known.

All of a sudden I was reminded that Heavenly Father knows me, He knows what I need and who I am.  He knew what I didn’t need.  Just that knowledge was enough to change everything!

I’m grateful for those who listened.

My new commitments today: listen faster, remember more.

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