Season of Joy

Finally, it’s here.  My favorite season.

Yoga for Congo season.  I try to coordinate it with fall, my other favorite season. :)

The autumn lifts me and empowers me.  It is a season of change…under that coming chill and descending quiet, I find hope and renewed strength.

Every year this event changes me, transforms me, and cleanses me.

We started the season with one of my favorite locations.

I love going to Vernal to do this event.  It’s so small, so unpretentious, so honest.

The people are so generous and so humbling.

I cannot think of this event without crying.  I am stunned, each time I come, at what is given.

This event teaches me that the presence of one person is so powerful.

It has started this season off with hope.  This is a season of joy for me.

I wish there were words to describe the gratitude I feel for how this has changed my life.  Doing something that is hard for me for someone that I love is completely transforming.

In a maddening world where it feels that no one cares about anything that actually matters, there are these few, these wonderful people who do care, and the love feels like it will burst so far beyond them that it will encircle the world.

And it does.  In one hour, eight people changed the lives of two women and their children and their children’s children forever.

Blessed am I to be caught in their love.

PS – Denver, Salt Lake, and Provo friends…join me next month!

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