These photos were taken weeks ago, on a snowshoeing hike we took.  It was a very long and tough hike for the girls by the end.  Thank goodness for snowshoes…they may look like they are floating on top, but that is 2-3 feet of snow under them.

Since that day, new snow, lots of it, has fallen and covered our tracks.

But even now, weeks later, the girls can look and see exactly in their minds where they climbed a snow wall, where they fell, where they conquered, where they struggled.

Everything about life is in constant renewal here.  We look back, we see where we were, but we don’t remain.  New snow falls, and we let it cover us and make us clean.  As the snow has fallen, I find myself thinking of the Lord’s grace.  So quiet, so merciful, so all-covering.

Giving me the chance to change, to become new.  To know where I once was, but never to be the same.

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