Time to become

If there is anything that Yellowstone has taught us, it is patience.  Quiet, pleasant patience.

That things take time, and sometimes the time is long and that rushing does no good.

Last week, it rained and rained.  And rained.  It was wonderful.  I am grateful for ponchos and sweatshirts.  The chilly weather gave us a deeper glimpse at the steam and water of Yellowstone.  It is interesting to go there, day after day, week after week, and watch the tourists.

It is so good to see so many people coming out to find rest here.  People are all so different, though.  So many Americans are in such a rush.  They literally run from one thing to the next, whereas most Asians saunter slowly, taking pictures of every small thing, including my kids. :)

My kids have been blessed with a life where they don’t understand rushing.  They can hurry if needed, but rushing is different.  They have learned that it takes time to develop thoughts and realizations.  I love though, that they have time to develop them, rather than being told what to think.

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