Maybe this is my heart, and maybe it is yours

As we prepare to leave for our coastal adventure this weekend, I find myself soaking up this place as much as possible.

Driving through Yellowstone, I find myself crying.  It hurts to leave it.

Somehow, though, this is right and is the next step in our journey.  If all goes to plan, we’ll be back very soon.

The rightness of it makes it okay.  I will miss the winter.  I will miss the rivers and the trees.

But we will discover new rivers, new trees, a new winter.

I’m truly amazed at how it has all worked out.  I never would have dreamed we would do something like this, but it is working perfectly for us.

As the season has rapidly changed here, I am grounded.  Something about autumn brings me back.

I know it will be all right in the end.

I know who I’ve given my heart to, so there is nothing else to fear.

Goodbye, beautiful home.  Thank you for making me new.


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