I love my husband :)

My husband is pretty sweet, and very cute.

We once had a lovely monitor. It was very dear to his heart. Unfortunately, about a year ago, it went the way of all the earth.

Then came the time of needing to be very thrifty. We used an old monitor from work. And that worked fine. :)

Then it, too, gasped it’s last shuddering breath. And then breathed again. And then died for real.

No more monitors at work. We had to buy one. (Oh, he was SO sad.) :)

By working a few little computer jobs, he was able to soften the ground with me… I finally let him buy the monitor of his dreams (although…don’t tell him this, but I had planned to let him get it anyway).

IT CAME. I don’t know if I’ve seen him “giddy” too often. But this was a pretty giddy day. :) In his own words, it was the happiest day of his life! (We’ve had a wedding day and four kids, but I do understand that some things just don’t compare to any other earthly joy.) I think the correct way to describe his feelings would be “geeked.”

So here’s a picture of the lovely new addition (please note the little handprint that is already on it):

I love Matt! :)

And the best part of the giddy geeky day was this:

The first thing that he brought up on the brand new marvelous monitor was one of my yoga videos. He said, “Let’s watch it in all it’s widescreen glory!”

Real love is being so happy to make someone else happy…to do something for them because you want them to be happy! It may be simple, but the fact that he pulled up something of mine as his very first look at a brand new thing that he was really excited about showed me his love. Love doesn’t have to be a big grand show. It’s the simple, constant ways he shows me that he is happy to make me happy. :)

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