You’re kidding!

The other day, we were visiting Matt at work and one of the ladies at work asked our oldest daughter how old she was. When she told her “Five!” the lady responded, “You’re kidding!”

Now, that’s our five-year-old’s newest favorite phrase. She says it constantly. :)

“Time for lunch!”
“You’re kidding!”

“Let’s do math.”
“You’re kidding!”

“I have some new clothes for you to wear.”
“You’re kidding!”

The other day in Primary, she was sitting with her little five-year-old friend. The little girl said something, to which my daughter replied, “You’re kidding!” I was getting ready to start primary at the time, and lost their conversation in the other chatter. I saw them seem to disagree, though, and then the little friend all of a sudden burst into tears and came running to me.

When I asked her what was wrong, she told me, “She says I’m kidding, but I’m really telling the truth!”

My daughter sat in sad wonder…she didn’t understand what had made her friend so sad!! She was just trying to use the new cool phrase. :)

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