We’ll find the place which God for us prepared…

(For those of you who don’t know those words, they’re from a hymn.) :)

Well, life has been very interesting lately, and I have felt so strongly the hand of our Father in Heaven in our lives. We have felt a pull for a while now…a desire to move forward with Matt’s career and our life. We have known that eventually we would leave this area, but were not sure where we would go.

Months and months ago, a headhunter called Matt about a job in Colorado. The company sounded perfect, absolutely what Matt wanted. He was very excited about it, but the headhunter had to come back and tell him that the company was looking strictly at local candidates, and his resume wasn’t considered. It was a bummer, but we assumed it must not have been right. However, that company seemed to stay in our minds over the next few months. We checked on their site occasionally, and last month, during a trip out west, we decided to contact them and try to set up an interview. Matt had a wonderful interview with them, and over the course of the past weeks, has secured a job with them as a Web Developer! He is happier than anything, and we feel so blessed. I cannot imagine a more perfect job, or a better move for Matt’s career than this position.

It is truly amazing how blessed we have been. At first, when he wasn’t considered, it seemed so disappointing. We were sad because it had seemed so perfect. But if we had not been here over the past few months, my medical situation could have been very difficult. It has been a blessing that we did not go when we wanted to. :) And then, after his in-person interview, it did take some time to get the job. At first, we were discouraged, but I am so proud of Matt for not giving up! Once again, just looking at what has happened to us this past week, if we had not been here with doctors, family, and friends who were familiar with my situation, things would have been very difficult. It is truly amazing how, when we trust the Lord’s timetable for our lives, we are abundantly blessed and everything works out as it should. :)

Stalker that I am, I took some pictures of my handsome sweetheart as he was going in to his interview. :)

This is where he will be working:

I had a conversation with my mom last month that meant a lot to me. It was on Pioneer day, which to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a day where we celebrate the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley. It has been difficult for my mom, and for me, that we do not live closer together. It has been a very hard thing. I know how sad it makes her, and I miss her a great deal. There is an old pioneer hymn that we often sing on that day, and as she sang it that day, it touched her and gave her comfort:

We’ll find the place which God for us prepared, far away in the west.

She felt comfort on that day, knowing that Matt and I were trying to do the best we could, and that God had prepared a place for us, as well, and that if we strived to do the best we could, we would be blessed, whether we were in the “west,” like her, or somewhere else. I do feel that we have been led to each and every home we have had, and though this will be a big change for our family, I know that we have been led there, as well, and I am happy and very excited about it. It is always very hard to leave your home. I love it here, as I have never loved a place before. But I know we are being led to our next home, as well, and we will be together!

We’ll make the air with music ring,
Shout praises to our God and King!
Above the rest, these words we’ll tell:
“All is well! All is well!”

Congratulations, Matt!! :) I Love you!

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