Food, glorious food!

Well, tonight was a big night for our baby. :) She had her first bites of food tonight! I cannot believe she is old enough. :) But she loved it, and we had a great time feeding her. Her sweet daddy fed her the very first bites of food she’s ever had, which meant a great deal to me, since soon we will be apart for a little while. As you can see from the pictures, she had a wonderful time! :)

The “first bites” are always so exciting, yet bittersweet for me, because up until now, every single bit of nourishment she has had has come from me. That is always a wonderful feeling for me, and always a teensy bit sad when they start on food, but it is so wonderful to watch them progress and move forward positively in their lives, even when they’re this small. :)

(Please ignore the massive moving mess in the background! :) )

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