A brand new sister

My little brother got married this past weekend to the love of his life. :) Don’t they look incredible together? I am so happy for them, and so happy to have a new sister in Libby. Joe is one of the best men there is, and Libby is an incredible woman. I know they will bless each others’ lives.

Congratulations, you two! Welcome to the family, Libby! I love you!

This is a note that our oldest wrote to her new aunt, after we looked at their wedding pictures this morning:

Translation: Aunt Libby (There are L’s and W’s…I think she was trying to decide between “Libby” and “Wibby,” like her younger sister says.) I Love you. I Miss you so much. We loved your wedding (We lovd yro weden).

Anyway, I thought I’d put that up here, just in case I never get a chance to send it, as often happens with me!

I am so proud and happy that Joe and Libby were married forever in the Temple. It is such a blessing to have these good people in our lives and the lives of our children! We love you!

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