Where else should we go?

I keep pondering over my life these past few days. I find myself grateful, over and over again, for the times that have stretched me, humbled me, and been a struggle. These times always bring me ever closer, when I choose to be, to my loving, kind Savior.

Yesterday I was really saddened by something. Someone came to tell me that they had known the Bishop was considering asking me to do something, but they had gone to him to tell him that there was no way he should ask someone busy with young children, like me, to do something like that. My heart broke that she would, with such seemingly good intentions, do that. The Lord has given me everything that I have…how could I not give back to Him? I want to give Him everything I can. I’m not always the best at it. But I want to be.

So much of the time, I think we get caught up in all that the “church” asks us to do or to give up. But the Lord asks us to serve Him because He knows the joy and the faith we will be blessed with for doing so. Everything He asks or commands is for our own happiness.

“By diligent service in the Church we come not only to know the character of God but to love Him. If we follow His commands, our faith in Him will grow and we may then qualify to have His Spirit to be with us. Vibrant faith in God comes best from serving Him regularly.” (Eyring)

I have been thinking about Christ in the New Testament. In the Book of John, we read about Him teaching His disciples that they needed to do the Father’s will if they wanted to be with Him. For many, this was just too hard, and “from that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.”

How sad. Doing the will of the Father was too much to ask. It’s easy to be critical of those people. But we do that, too. The sweet friend who had “intervened” for me said to me, “It’s just too much to ask someone with young children to serve so much.” I admit those thoughts have crossed my own mind, especially when I am asked to give up my Matt for a time. Time with him is so sacred to me.

But. To serve the One who gave me Matt, gave me the children, the life, the joy that I have? Never.

After those disciples had turned from following Him, Christ asked the Twelve, “Will ye also go away?”

I love what Peter said:

“Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.”

To whom else could I ever want to go? He alone has the words of eternal life. He has given me everything. I constantly want to strive to remember that, so that I can continue to desire to give Him everything I am.

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