There seems to be so much to worry about lately…our house just seems to mount with problems. My baby is struggling tremendously right now. And there are many other things on my mind which weigh even more…deeper, more personal things.

It can be easy to get swept up and away by worry and by doubt, especially when the storm is raging.

Sunday was Fast Sunday, and as I fasted, I found myself both full of gratitude for our blessings, but also pleading more earnestly for help. Things were so difficult that day, particularly with my little one, that I truly felt the “storm” raging.

I pleaded that things would change, that they would get better. I hoped for a quick change in the baby. I hoped that everything would just be alright.

As my fast closed and the evening went on, things were still difficult. All of the things I was worrying about had some difficulty to face or another. Nothing was really easier.

But it wasn’t as though nothing had changed. Somehow, even though none of my problems were any easier right in that moment, I was more at peace. I had changed.

Sometimes, the Lord calms the storm.
Sometimes, He lets the storm rage,
and calms His child.

Somehow, even though everything was very difficult and I would have really loved if the storm had been calmed, I felt calmed inside, and I knew that, somehow, it would all be alright. Somehow, this is what I knew inside:

“Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God? Know ye not that He hath all power?”
Mormon 5:23

I know that He truly does have all power, and that everything that is happening is for a purpose. With that knowledge, there is a great deal of peace. I know He loves me, and that’s knowledge enough. Everything else will work out.

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