The girls have been very affected by the suffering in Haiti. I love giving them opportunities to “change the world” in their own way, and I think that one of the greatest things that we can teach our children is to share of their own abundance, whether it be temporal, emotional, or spiritual, to help others.

Today, as we met with friends and assembled hygiene kits for the suffering people of Haiti, I saw hope in my girls’ eyes, rather than the despair and sadness that has been there at other times when they have thought of Haiti.  They knew that someone would feel at least a little bit better if they were able to feel clean.  That gave them hope, and it empowered them, to feel that they really could make a difference in the world, and in other people’s lives.

We all have an abundance of some kind.  It may be financial, it may be emotional or spiritual.  But all of us have something to give.  All of us have a way of changing the world for someone else.   And if we let that abundance spill over, there is still hope for the world and its suffering. 

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