My little five-year-old looked sad the other day, sitting by herself. When I asked her what was wrong, she asked me, “Mom, why hasn’t anyone asked me to marry him yet?”

So much seems to remind me lately that time is precious, and it is going so fast.

I threw a rollicking surprise birthday party for Matt last weekend, to celebrate the final year of his carefree youth. :) There were 47 people there, and it was marvelous, complete with Matt trivia, Matt Jeopardy, and Matt-libs. As we lay awake in bed that night, talking about the party, we realized we had met each other before we were even 19. Where does the time go?

My girls are getting older by the day. They love being children, but as we all do as young ones, they ache for their own future, their own love, their own little ones. They long to marry and become mothers. They love to dance and dream.

And while watching them makes me smile, my own heart aches just a little. I love to watch them grow, but as I see how fast it is going, I long to say,

“Not yet, my little Loves. Not yet.”

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