Quite a week

This has been quite the week. So many things to blog, or not to blog, about.

For instance, we shall blog about this girl:

This dear child broke her leg the day I gave birth.  Yes, indeed.  Poor thing. :(  She has been so cheerful and so pleasant about it, and even tried extra hard to be brave about it, so that it was difficult at first to ascertain just how serious her injury actually was.  :)  But yes, indeed, a break occurred, so it was off to the emergency room for she and daddy.

We shall blog about the exciting cast signings that have ensued.  Thank goodness for fun little traditions that seem to lighten up painful situations.

(Furthermore, we shall take a moment to note in all of this blogging that it has taken the work of three adults to make up for the help that this one girl normally gives me.  Perhaps I am a little grateful it happened, if only to re-open my eyes to how much she does for me, and how much she means to me.)

We most certainly shall not blog about the amount of time spent in our pajamas this week.

We shall blog about our wonderful daddy, who missed his head shaving on St. Patty’s day, because he was taking another one of our children to the urgent care.  He still honored his commitment, and the girls got to help him shave his head.

We think he’s mighty good looking. :)

So does someone else.

(His page is still open for donations, if you’re interested, by the way.  I love that he cares about how someone else’s child feels, even in the midst of a week where his own children are having a hard time.) 

We shall not blog about the amount of time spent in front of sunny windows this week, nor the amount of snow we got, which made some children ecstatic, and one child very sad indeed, as new pink casts and new wet snow do not mix. 

We shall blog about the indescribable comfort it is to hold this little one in my arms.  Incredible how holding her calms and soothes all of the little troubles of the week, and all of the hormonal uprisings that occur. 

We also shall not blog about the fact that one of these children visited the urgent care due to a very horrible and painful virus in her mouth which has caused her to loathe any food of any kind, nor shall we blog about the fact that another of these children threw up all over the store today as I was brave enough to pick up more syringes and an ingredient for dinner while I was at it. 

(Nor shall we blog at this time about the fact that I find it rather silly that I can go to any pharmacy in this country to purchase syringes, without a prescription, without proof that I am taking injectible medication of any kind, without showing any form of ID.  On the other hand, I cannot buy cough medicine without showing an ID and getting entered into a tracking system.  Odd.) 

We shall blog about the overwhelming gratitude we have in our hearts for family and friends who have been there for us this week.  They have done more than they can imagine.  

Most of all, we shall blog about the miracle it is that this little one has lived one full week of life with our family.  How did we ever live without her?  It doesn’t feel as though any of us could ever have really lived without her in our lives.  She has definitely been along for one wild ride.

We love you, dear little one.  Happy one week birthday. :)

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