Simply Christmas

This Christmas was different than any we have ever had.

The day was different, the gifts were different.

Yesterday, I began to feel a lot of sadness where I normally feel excitement.  I felt like such a failure this year.  I wanted so much to give so much to my family, at a time when I literally have nothing left to give, physically.  I have never felt so completely drained in my life.

I felt like Christmas was slipping away from me, because I had no power to make it better.

But somehow, prayers are answered, and there is always power or help beyond our own.

I think today was like my own little Christmas miracle…which was so fitting, because it exemplified the whole reason Christ came to the earth in the first place.  To do for us what we could not do for ourselves.

It has been truly magical for me, to watch all five of my children play together the entire day.  Imaginations have soared, little songs have been hummed together, and little spats are quickly resolved today.

Love and simplicity.  That’s all I wanted for Christmas this year, and it seemed impossible.

But I got it.

Blessed am I. :)

(Now, I am 37 weeks…can we please all have a collective prayer that the days will be accomplished that I should be delivered?)

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