Heartbreaking abundance

It feels today like the world is falling apart.

Eastern Congo, close to my heart, is undergoing the worst violence it has seen in years.  Goma was overrun today, and Bukavu is likely next.  My heart has been sick, worrying about sisters, scattered in very nearby villages.  I can’t help but wonder where they are tonight.  I’ve been thinking about other women I love who physically cannot run.  I’ve been thinking about the children.

The Rwandan-backed rebels met no resistance from the army or from UN troops, who “sat in their armored personnel carriers and watched.” (-NY Times)  

“Tonight, as the United Nations and the international community stand by, the people of Congo are once again at the mercy of those who have tormented them in the past.” (-Huffington Post)

I’ve been really quiet today.  There have been moments when I’ve wanted to just shut down and sob, because this is likely only the beginning.  It’s all so hard to take in…to contrast my peaceful, safe life with the life that these sisters lead each and every day.

I read a story today about a woman who was separated from her children in the rush of people leaving the city.  It sounds hard to believe that a mother could lose her kids, but have you seen Empire of the Sun?  There is a scene that haunts me where that exact thing happens.  When tens of thousands are fleeing crowded streets at once, it is very possible.

It’s gut-wrenching.

I found myself looking at my children differently today.  I held them a little tighter, a little longer.  I spoke in a quieter voice.  The dishes waited and the girls didn’t.  I let them laugh and run.  Loudly.  And every moment, I found myself thanking my Father for them and their safety in our home, over and over.

What do you have?  What incredible mercy surrounds you tonight?

I find myself once again tonight, reaching out to sisters across the world in my heart, thanking them for what they have taught me and the perspective they have given my life.  Their letters are filled with hope, though they have lived in the middle of the world’s deadliest war, year after year.

Tonight, they are in my every thought and prayer.  And tonight, my heart is determined to live better.  I have everything. I have seven beautiful people living with me who I am determined to Love better than ever.

One of them just had a birthday.  It was pretty wonderful.  More on that soon. :)

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