Beyond the crash

Last week, we took Matt’s parents to see the falls nearby.  It was so wonderful to share such a special place with them.


Every time I go, I find myself transfixed with the crash of the water…the devastating, beautiful power and crash of it all moves me to tears every time.  After a while, I looked around, and I saw these two, looking in an entirely different direction.


I think they were watching an animal of some kind.  But their doing so caused me to turn and look the other way, to try to see what they saw.


Looking at the incredible river flowing beyond, after the crash of the water, took my breath away.  I think that, so often, it is easy to become lost in the churning, devastating crashes of waterfalls in our lives.  They are beautiful in their own way, and they are hard to look beyond.  But when we can, even for a moment, we may catch a glimpse of the beautiful river ahead, possible only because of the immense crash of water behind us.

The point is, though, that there is a beautiful future beyond the crash.


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