This beauty turned eight recently.  For us, this also means baptism and an entirely new phase of life.

Lately, the sorrows of the world have weighed on me.  On top of all of the things I have been feeling, I have wondered if there is really a way to overcome those things.  I’ve always believed that there is.  But when pain becomes greater than something you have known before, it is a new level of faith to try to believe that hope really does exist.

But this weekend, watching my beautiful and pure little girl be baptized, I felt a renewed sense of hope.  Christ’s teachings were all about change.  I believe that hope is real.  I believe that we can become new.  I believe that we can change and that, if we will reach for it, we can become an entirely new and different person.  That is what hope is all about.

I’m grateful for an eight-year-old that reminded me this weekend.

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