My mind has been consumed by tiny moments lately.  In many ways, time seems slower and clearer for me these days.

We’re in a moment right now…one of those incredibly rare, sacred moments in our lives where everything is okay.  Everything is working out perfectly.  Everything is moving along so smoothly.

Here’s the thing about moments like this.  Well, two things.

1) It’s tempting in a moment like this to become afraid.  Afraid that things are too good, too right, too perfect…waiting every day for the other shoe to drop.  That fear destroys the quiet, holy blessing of a moment like this in our lives.  This moment is a blessing, a reprieve, a gift, an assurance that our path is right.  Worry kills the joy of it, whether the moment is 2 seconds or 2 months.  We should enjoy the blissful moments for what they are, and be glad they’ve come.

2) Moments like this are made in halves: Half is made by Heaven, an outpouring of blessings.  The other half is made by us: accepting the blessings that have come.  Everything, everything, (well, except for the town where we will make our home) is different than I had planned it a year ago, even a few months ago.   We are choosing to walk the new path and be glad.  We could rant and cry that nothing is as we wanted it.  Or, we could be glad of the hand of Heaven in our lives, and see that hand for what it is and the mercy it has poured out on us.

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