My mountain

“And I…did go into the mount oft, and I did pray oft unto the Lord; wherefore the Lord showed unto me great things.”
1 Nephi 18:3


I climbed a figurative mountain a while ago.

I finally reached the top, but then I had to come back down.  And just like each literal mountain I have ever climbed, the descent is almost as hard in many, many spots.

I’m down.  Finally, I am down.  I gave everything to it and I am down.  Every time you reach the bottom of a mountain you just climbed, the entire world looks different.  Perspective will never be the same.

This is the biggest mountain I have climbed, ever.  I will never be the same…but that was the whole point.  I climbed a mountain, and my prayer was answered.

Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer.
Isaiah 56:7

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