I’m going to miss this

It was quite a night. A night any mom would understand!

I had waited up for my husband to get home…he works late. We love to talk, so we talked until about 4:00 am and realized it was definitely time for bed!! Of course, that’s when one little one wakes up. I rocked her until 6:30 when the baby woke up and needed me to nurse her. The other one still wasn’t asleep, I still hadn’t slept, and I had a dr. appointment at 10:00 this morning.

Needless to say, the long night had just begun. :) After trying many different things to get everyone comfortable and happy, I finally lied down on the couch in exhaustion. I nursed the baby until she fell asleep, and the other daughter cried and fussed because she was covered in hives (new soap, long story).

Finally, she laid down on my feet and fell asleep. My feet ached and my legs started to cramp from the heavy toddler laying on my feet, but I wasn’t moving after trying to get her to sleep all night!

Before I finally fell asleep for the much needed hour of sleep I got :), I realized that though these nights are exhausting, I am going to miss it so soon. Things are going so fast and my babies are growing so quickly. Soon I will wish that my girls were small enough that they would need their momma to rock them to sleep. Soon I will not hear their cries for me at night, and I will miss it dearly.

I cannot have any more children, and that breaks my heart more than anything… but I am grateful for the realization that each moment is a gift! I hope I can always remember that each moment with my children is a precious gift from God.

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