Why me?

Every night when we do baths, one of my daughters always starts to cry, “Why me? Why me?” at the top of her lungs when I rinse out her hair. (Don’t ask me…she must have heard it on a movie or something.) :) Anyway, it’s her way of expressing that she really doesn’t like what’s going on. :)

Tonight, as shouts of “Why me?!?!?” rang through the air, I tried to console her (rather than laugh at her hilarious choice of phrases) by telling her that momma loves her, and is just trying to help her get cleaner.

“Why you? Because I love you, and I want you to be clean!” I always tell her that someday she’ll understand and be glad that mom helped her have clean hair. :)

The thought then struck me that many of us are often tempted with thoughts of “why me?” when things happen that are difficult for us. If only we would stop and truly listen, I think we might hear our own loving Father consoling us, telling us that He is just helping us become a “cleaner,” better person, and that someday, we will look back and be grateful for the proverbial hairwashing that helped us to become a little cleaner, and a little brighter ourselves.

“Why you? Because I love you, and I want you to be clean!”

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