Why do people get covered in heaven?

My 5-year-old asked me, “Mommy, how come people get covered up in heaven?”

I was puzzled…I asked her what she meant.

“Is Grandma-Grape [“grandma great,” aka great-grandma] all covered up with blankets in heaven?”

I asked her again. “Oh, you know, mommy. They’re covered!”

After pondering for a little while, I surprisingly remembered that there was a line in Ratatouille the other day when we were watching it: “She believed in heaven, so she’s covered, you know, after-life wise.”

Poor girl heard that and her little mind latched onto it and misinterpreted it! But it was actually wonderful, because we had the best discussion about, for one thing, people not being covered up in heaven. But also, we were able to talk about heaven, and how we really get there, and about trying to do our very best to keep the commandments and be like Jesus all the time.

“And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.”
3rd Nephi 22:13

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