A couple weeks ago, I had a very strong feeling to write some things down so that I would remember them. I am grateful I followed the prompting. Tonight everything started to weigh down on me a bit, and I felt somewhat tired and discouraged. I happened across my notes from a few weeks ago, though, and instantly I felt my spirits lift. I am constantly amazed at the small (yet not small at all) miracles that are happening constantly in our lives. Our Father loves us and is constantly helping us, if we just listen. I feel such peace in knowing that He knows what will happen next, and what I will need. Just knowing that helps me to feel that I don’t need to see exactly how it will all work out…I just have to follow step by step as He guides me, and I don’t need to worry about anything else. I am so grateful that weeks ago I had a prompting that would lift me later on, and probably will continue to. I feel so grateful for that loving kindness. :)

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